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  • I'm introverted, are you sure can I do this?

Yes! You! Can! Winnipeg Connect was born out of hearing countless stories of often deeply tender and introspective humans longing for more meaningful relationships. Apps, sports teams, and loud meeting places just aren't the ideal scene for lots of folks, and so the hope is that our events might be small and causal enough to get an initial feel for whether or not someone sparks your interest for friendship or romance.

A Few FAQ's...
  • What if I don't know what to say?

Take a breath! It's okay. Meeting new people can be nerve wracking, and we hope to be a safe enough space to try out some questions and to let yourself be seen. That's the beauty of quick connections - you don't have to be 'on' for long before getting a chance to catch your breath and try again.

Prompts and conversation starters will also be available for those folks who might benfit from some help getting started.

  • Are events inclusive?

Winnipeg Connect is aiming to offer a wide range of events, provided that there is sufficient interest in the community to support it. Plans are in the works for both straight and queer speed dating events, as well as dating and friending events for an array of age groupings.

All people deserve the opportunity to meaningfully connect and be seen, and we aim to curate events that represent the diversity found in Winnipeg.

  • Am I guaranteed to match with someone?

While we would love to guarantee you fireworks, unfortunately we can't guarantee that any of our participants will walk away with a match.

What we can offer you, however, is an opportunity to meet new people and get a feel for what kind of vibe others are offering. This allows you to tune into physiological cues and embodied information that you might miss out on if you were connecting online rather than in real life.

We offer a way to open the door for the universe to bring the right person to you.

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